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Guidione Machava on revolutionizing design with African culture

Scale Up Africa
April 9th, 2021 · 1 min read

In this episode, we talk to Guidione Machava, an entrepreneur, designer and author from Mozambique. Guidione prides himself in being a community builder, is the host of the World Class Designer Podcast, and recently organised the World Class Designer Conference which drew speakers and attendees from a diverse pool of the world’s leading companies to exchange ideas, insights, and lessons with designers across the continent.

In our chat, we discuss Guidione’s journey from studying economics to the design space. We discuss the great potential that Africa has for greater problem discovery that can lead to design of solutions that leverage the great talent on the opportunity whilst addressing the problems unique to the continent.

Guidione also shares on how collaboration could help scale design in Africa and how at an individual level, the willingness to move to rooms where we may not be the brightest could show us even more possibilities.

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