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Manji Cheto on being mission driven

Scale Up Africa
June 5th, 2020 · 1 min read

In Episode 6, we chat to Manji Cheto who is the Vice President, Learner Experience & Growth at uLesson‬ in Nigeria.

We discuss how being mission driven has had a cross-cutting impact on personal decisions like leaving a job at the London Stock Exchange Group to join the leadership team of a start-up in Nigeria.

We also dive into Manji’s work at uLesson, an organisation that leverages best in class teachers, media, and technology solutions to create high-quality, affordable and accessible education for African students.

Drawing on her insights and expertise from her advisory work, Manji talks about how and why it is critical for any business that plans to scale and thrive on the continent to always keep an eye on macro level risks around political and economic trends that could impact their businesses.

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